3 Mangas You Did Not Know Are Already Adapted Into Anime

The recent pandemic has not been too kind to us since 2020. It does take a long time to give it time for at least 7 years to wait for the global disease to end completely. You can not help but to sit tight at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic where you must adhere to social distancing, wearing a mask once you step outside the door, hand washing for 20 seconds and other prevention behaviors to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. COVID-19 barely showed any signs of slowing down which secluded us longer at our houses. Surely, you need to pass the time after working from home in forex trading in Malaysia with funky animations or reading comics to fresh up your day. Watching anime and reading manga is a must in your bucket list, but do you know there are manga that you may have come across already with their anime adaptation? 

Here are 5 mangas you did not know are already adapted into anime to let your imagination comes to life:

  1. Monster

The magnum opus of Naoki Urasawa takes place in Germany framed in a nature of forgiveness and post-Cold War Germany. The plot follows Japanese neurosurgeon Kenzo Tenma who is on a hunt for a former patient Johann, who grew up to be a serial killer. The manga series is already lengthy as it is, and the anime adaptation recorded a total of 74 episodes long in one series. The series was a big hit in 2008, yet due to the licensing and dire state of the English anime industry, it has also become a rare gem to find beneath the rocks.

  1. Kase-San And Morning Glories

The LGBTQ+ community has evolved even to the extent of the animation industry. The recent trend of Yuri genre (intimate relationship between females). Notably, Kase-san and Morning Glories has been included into the classic Yuri like Girlfriends and Bloom into You – following Kase and Yamada whose blossoming relationship takes the tone of a slice of life anime. The animated adaptation is an hour long OVA (original video animation) that only covers the initial volume of the manga.

  1. Yokohama Shopping Trip

If Girl’s Last Tour has its slice of life counterpart, Yokohama Shopping Trip will be one to consider. In fact, the latter came first before the former when it comes to the anti-utopian approach. The post-apocalyptic setting follows an android who runs a café in the dystopian version of Japan. With such an interesting premise, you could not help but to check it out and see what lies beyond the story idea. Both manga proves that there is a market for a low stake apocalyptic anime series. However, one thing about Yokohama Shopping Trip is its popularity among the circle of fans in manga format is way bigger compared to its animated adaptation. Also, the OVA version is not well known either. The series has two different adaptations, one was released in 1998 and another in 2002.

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