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After having verified the reliability of a few agencies, in particular by means of customer testimonials, it is time to entrust the sale or rental of your property to one or the other and, why not, to all. Whether he chooses a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate, the commission will impact the price of the sale. It is not yet time to regulate agency fees and the amount of the commission can therefore impact the choice of the real estate agency.

Two things need to be known. The commission varies from one real estate agency to another, which can vary from single to double. In a recovery environment, agencies may be reluctant to lower their commission. It is therefore essential to have competition between the 3 or 4 agencies selected for their reliability. Choosing a new condo in PJ is a good option.

Learn about the extent of advertising resources

The more a property is seen, the better the chances of selling or renting it quickly. of course, even in Petaling Jaya or KLCC. The real estate agent must therefore use all the means at its disposal to advertise the property. The first step is to check the content of the posters displayed in the window of the real estate agency. It must be as exhaustive as possible and highlight as much as possible the property to be sold or rented. Secondly, it will be necessary to ensure that the chosen real estate agency uses the Internet to advertise the properties it has for sale or for rent. The reputation of a real estate agency also depends on its website which should, if it is well done, include the opinions and testimonials of customers. Finally, an efficient real estate agency also uses advertising in daily newspapers, which offers significant visibility in the region. Once these tips are well followed, the choice of the real estate agent should be rather easy.

  • Become an owner. Project of a lifetime, a real estate acquisition is an important step not to be taken lightly.
  • Before you start, it is better to know all the stages of a real estate purchase to be clear and to carry out your acquisition calmly.

Determine your budget: this is THE first step. Before you start looking for a property to buy, determine the exact amount you can allocate for your project.

Define your real estate project: do you want to become an owner to live or to invest? Buy an apartment in the new or in the old? Buy a house or have it built?

Search for real estate: project and budget defined, you can now launch your research by yourself or through a real estate professional.

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