Benefits Of Fiber Optics Connection Over Copper Cable

The networks optical fiber is increasingly used thanks to advantages in terms of speed of data transmission. But, if you are going to make an investment to create a computer network, it is only fair that you first know what benefits you can obtain.

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Advantages Of Fiber Optics For Telecommunications

The major difference between conventional cabling and optical fiber use to be in the material wherein it happens to be made. It is about a very thin wire of fused silicon or glass that carries light waves, while structured cabling is made with copper wire. What advantages does fiber optics bring us? They are as follows:

1. High Speed Data Transmission.

The TM unifi transmission speed over fiber optics is much faster. If in a normal system you can reach a maximum speed of barely 100mb / s, in a fiber optic system it has traditionally reached 10gb per second, new formulas are emerging to multiply its speed up to several terabytes. Regardless of the actual speed, this implies a faster internet connection, a download of large files in a few minutes, the option of making an online backup with not consuming excessive bandwidth, etc.

2. Better Bandwidth.

With bandwidth the quantity of information is referred to that can be directed in the same unit of time. In the event that you connect several computers together to a wireless or wired network, you would become much inferior speed for each one, while with the assistance of fiber you could connect additional computers without being limited in your options.

3. Avoid Intrusion.

Not like wireless networks, which use to be quite susceptible to common activities for example turning over a microwave or going up in an elevator, fiber optic networks avoid electromagnetic interference, which will avoid problems of slowing down, connection cuts, crossing conversations by phone, etc.

4. Improve Video And Sound Quality.

If your company wants to teleconference in real time, fiber optics improve the quality of video and sound formats so that your telephone conversations and recordings can be seen without interference or cuts, as well as excellent image quality.

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