Facebook: The Social Media Giant

Facebook has a great influence and impact to our lives today. Without Facebook, communication between peers, business transactions, getting news all around the world will not be as easy as what we are experiencing now. You can create a Facebook page as well. Since almost everyone has their own Facebook accounts, being able to talk with anyone across the globe is now hassle free and most of all, free. We no longer have to pay for loads just so we can call our loved ones from the other side of the world. Also, selling things online has now been made easier through the use of Facebook. Your customers are not limited to people who are within your area but you can also reach those who are from another state or country. Facebook really did give us the comfort and convenience that we never thought we’d have back then. 

Facebook offers us convenience content in many ways but it has also become destructive for other people. Since this social media has become a trend today, and everyone is entitled to give opinions on every issue, a lot of confidence has been affected, a lot of outlooks in life has been changed and a lot of society’s standards have been decreased to whatever is the opinion of the majority. Almost everything now depends on the opinion of the majority, may it be about gender, religion, profession, politics or one’s medical condition. Everyone has something to say. Everyone is allowed to comment. Everyone is allowed to express their sentiments. For some, this might not be a problem but for the people who have been judged, misunderstood, and mocked, this is destructive. Some may even commit suicide because of what they read on their Facebook accounts. 

Too much of anything is really destructive so it is a must that people put a limit on what they do on their social media accounts, limit their posts, and limit the amount of transparency that they show on their accounts. This way, this social media giant can be all convenient and source of enjoyment. It can be one’s happy place. It can be one’s boredom killer without having to worry about getting some negative vibes after spending hours in scrolling through Facebook. Discipline is really the key to making social media accounts more secure and fun to use. Also, this is the best way to ensure that children who use this platform are also protected from reading nasty things about anyone or anything. 

Let us all help each and everyone in achieving a better world to live in. Let us start with ourselves by making use of technology in spreading love and positivity. This way, we can help lessen society’s problem and may achieve world peace in the end. As cliche as it may sound, world peace really is the ultimate goal that we should all strive to have. Let every platform available be used as a ground to let people know that they are appreciated, loved and recognized. With this, Facebook will become a tool in achieving this ultimate goal of living in a better world.

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William Troost Ekong