Highest Demand Jobs In The Future

As you are all aware currently that we are in the middle of the Pandemic and the situation right now, especially economic wise is chaotic and unorganized. People have started to lose their jobs, some had to accept their salaries got cut because companies still need the workers but could not afford to have everyone working from home and not being able to function properly, and students are questioning the system of education and they are heading for the future. Ever since then, my father has been sending images of high demanding jobs in 5 to 10 years, so we would know how to be smart because why would you get qualification for a job that no longer needs your skills and labor.  

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One of the highest demanding jobs in the future would be the e-commerce field. I mean could you see how servers got slow for how many people go online shopping because they could not go out. Shopee, Lazada is the first business that started and is pioneers on online shopping platforms, but now that most customers are into online shopping rather than physical shopping, most businesses including pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons have joined in so that they do not lose their customers. 

With that being said, it raises the need for developers in making those e-commerce businesses real. Thus, if you are currently learning regarding any developments, some bonus for you then because not everyone could manage the development. Just like my situation was when my mom wanted me to continue with New Media Mass Communication because everyone who learns in Mass Communication can talk, and she wanted me to be different and have something to offer. When you have different skills and more complex skills, companies would definitely consider having you in their organizations. 

Another job that I think is quite demanding is the healthcare department. We can see over the news of how our government currently needs more staff as in doctors and nurses, they even spread out the advertisements of wanting more volunteers in that department because they could not manage it anymore, doctors and nurses are doing extra shifts at the hospitals because they do not have enough people to manage the patients. 

My last opinion on-demand job in the future would be a financial advisor. We are getting worst with the financial crisis especially in business. There are a lot of expenses to withdraw in managing the business, the clients, the marketing, not only the traditional ones but also the social media ones because apparently, you are required to follow the current trends to get more customers. and so much more. If you are interested in that, view more online marketing social media Malaysia here. Thus, in the future, probably in 5 years, companies could see how not having a financial advisor to manage and give advice regarding how they manage the companies’ money, and that is why they need you. 

To conclude, you are advised to make your decisions before it is too late. 

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