Places To Visit When You’re In Kepong

Kepong may be a tiny area located in Kuala Lumpur, occupying a small space on the map of Malaysia, but it holds just as many treasures as any other magical places in the country. Derived from the Malay word ‘kepung’ which is defined as enclosed or surrounded, the northern town is encircled by a mountain range, hence what it is based on. If you are going for a one-day visit to take your time off from your daily work, Kepong is the best for you. 

Here are the best places to visit in Kepong:

FRIM Kepong (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)

If you are an avid fan of nature who loves the fresh air and the greenery atmosphere, FRIM can be your favorite place ever. It is one of Kepong’s most well-known attractions, and it is home to a variety of native flora and animals. FRIM can accommodate persons of various fitness levels, from waterfalls to trekking. There is also a canopy walk for a test of courage on heights! Or if you are not the active kind for that, a simple picnic by the waterfalls would definitely be nice if you want to unwind with the sounds of nature playing in the background. It is a form of serenity you would always want to come back again!

Desa Park City

kuala lumpur

Love taking your pets for a walk? Desa Park City is a booming suburb within Kepong you should not miss out on! It is well-known for their park, which welcomes dogs along the Waterfront, as well as the cafes in Plaza Arkadia, their most recent addition, features a variety of eateries, ranging from coffee shops to sophisticated wine and dine restaurants, as well as pubs with live band performances, located near the lake for refreshments. There are also bike lanes installed where you can take a ride around the park, adding all the more fun in Desa Park. The park is mostly packed during the weekends, especially when it is crowded with friendly furries. Not to mention that most of the restaurants here are pet-friendly, but you must take precautions to keep your pets from misbehaving.

Kepong Metropolitan Park

Do you miss your childhood days when you would run away with a flying kite in your hand? The Kepong Metropolitan Park is another popular favorite for a morning or evening jog besides Desa Park. It is difficult to miss because there are signs directing you there, and if you happen to pass by in the evening, the skies will be filled with kites! No kites? No problem! You can buy them through kite stalls provided nearby to enjoy as much as the children there.

Everyone needs their time away from walking around the same area all the time until it causes boredom on their end. That is why Kepong is the best town to go to! There are many other places you can explore in the mini north town of Kuala Lumpur for your firsthand experience in Malaysia. 

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