Signs of an Impending Marriage Dissolution

If you have this inkling that your marriage is doomed, I tell you that you are not alone. In fact, it is said that almost half of the marriages in the US end up in divorce. This might not be a commendable situation, but there are times when divorce is the best solution. However, you should still try your best to save your marriage, especially if you have kids. They certainly deserve a whole family, one that has a father and a mother to guide them. If you can give that to them, why not!

They say that prevention is the better cure. This can apply in marriages as well. One should know if her marriage is about to end or if there is still something she can do. Check out below some of the most common warning signs:

You are not happy anymore

If you are always lonely, chances are there is something wrong with your marriage indeed. This is not something you should just ignore as your husband might also feeling the same way. This can definitely break you apart as in time, you will silently wish you just did not get into this union. 

You just communicate when you have something to complain

This is quite common in some couples. They don’t talk unless there is something important to discuss or the other party has something he has to confront about your hijab. If you are already like this, you might want to find sometime to talk about this. This is definitely not a good sign. You are constantly worried about your finances

The thing is, when you are always worried that your finances might not get through until the next paycheck, you will surely end up to stressed to even have good times with your partner. You should try to deal with this together in a healthier manner. 

You prefer to be alone

If you find being alone more comfortable than being with your partner, this is definitely not a good sign. This only means you don’t enjoy being together anymore and in time, you will surely welcome the thought of divorce. 

Too tired to even think about sex

Admit it, sex can add excitement to your life. However, if you are tired to even think about this almost every day, if you feel relief every time you see your partner is already sleeping, this can lead to something serious. 

Your close friends suggest divorce

When your friends are constantly suggesting that it is best for you to file for a divorce, it only means that they say something in your marriage. Sometimes, outsiders can see more clearly than those who are in trouble. 

You don’t even fight anymore

You just don’t feel there is something to confront about anymore. You find it useless to clear things anymore like you are too tired already and you just want fate to take its course. It means that you already give up!

Yes, if most of the situations described above are already happening in your relationship, you seriously have a problem. This should be addressed right away if you want to still save your marriage. But then again, if you think divorce is the only best option, I guess you just have to be strong to accept this fact and be ready for it. 

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