Tips in Choosing What to Wear to a Wedding

When you are about to become a guest to a wedding, you have to dress up properly. And while picking your dress, you need to consider a number of factors. You cannot just choose what dress you desire as you might end up annoying the couple or embarrassing yourself. Note that there are also rules in dressing up to weddings and it is best to know about them.

Are you having a dilemma on what dress to use for the wedding? Here are some tips that might be able to help:

Comfy Shoes

Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. The thing is, when you are attending a wedding event in which one of the couples is your close friend, you might be moving every now and then for picture taking, in taking foods, in talking to other guests and so on. You surely don’t want to feel discomforts while you are supposed to enjoy. At the same time, you also want to make sure that you will not wear a pair of shoes that is more noticeable than that of the bride.

Similar Colors for the Family Member

If you are part of the family members, you should go with the color motif. This is the rule of thumb and it would be awkward if you don’t follow. You don’t need to exactly use similar cloth, but rather, your dress should have a similar tint.

Solid Colors

If you want to make sure you will look great without overshadowing the bride, you can wear simple solid colors. In fact, a navy-blue dress should look good. You can even go for the vertical stripes are usually, they are just fine.

Not Too Short Skirt

Always remember that most weddings are held in a church. And even if the venue is not in a church, you should still not wear too short skirt that begs for attention more than the ceremony. Besides, a wedding is a family matter and it means, there will be a lot of kids. Surely you don’t want the parents to instruct their young boys not to look at you. You just think tat if the skirt is good enough inside the church, then that should be good enough for any wedding event as well.

Based on the Venue

Yes, if you know where the wedding will be held, you should get a lot of hint from it. What you wear in an indoor wedding will be totally different from an attire of an outdoor wedding. If it is a beach wedding, Photographer of course you will wear something appropriate as well. There are also times when the religion of the couples will matter and if you think you cannot cooperate as it is against your own, Photographer might as well beg off. You must also make sure there is sufficient water for all your guests.

Outlined in the RSVP

If by chance you don’t know where the wedding will be held, you can still get instructions from the RSVP. Sometimes, everything is outlined here, even the kind of gifts they want and don’t want to received. You should respect their wishes as after all, you will attend to their event because you are happy for them.

They say that when you’re in Rome, you must act like Romans. If you cannot do that, then don’t go to Rome. That goes with a wedding as well. You have to be appropriate so that you cannot catch their attention or you will not be a cause of any concerns.

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William Troost Ekong