What Is The Best Material For A Gutter System?

The gutter system is another extremely important external elements of the house. A lot depends on such a seemingly insignificant detail framing the roof: how long your roof will last, how often you will make repairs, replace insulation, rafter boards, battens, what the microclimate in your home will be. If a drain is not installed in the house or is improperly organized, this can even affect the foundation and basement.  

Unorganized drainage (water from the roof flows directly to the ground) is justified exclusively for small buildings with small roofs. For such buildings, it is recommended to increase the overhang of the eaves by at least 60 cm. For large buildings, an organized drain is needed, which can be of two types: internal and external. The indoor gutter system is installed on flat roofs or pitched, but in the harsh northern regions. For pitched roofs in mid-latitudes, an outdoor gutter system is ideal. And the main thing here is the choice of material.  

Gutter system made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating

Such a drain is made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet up to 0.7 mm thick with a special polymer coating on both sides of the sheet. The thickness of the polymer coating reaches 100 microns. With this protection, the gutter is able to withstand temperature drops from -50 to + 120 ° C, so it can be used in almost any climatic conditions.  The use of polymeric material made it possible to create a variety of colors. Today everyone can choose a gutter to match the color of their home and create a truly unique style. Manufacturers of pemasangan sistem saliran bumbung use the most popular shades. The cost of a steel gutter system is usually determined by the complexity of the roof, elevation and roof area.  High quality galvanized steel and double-sided processing with a special polymer coating make the gutter system truly durable – its service life is about 50 years. Aluminum, titanium and copper gutters.

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