Be Safe Than Sorry How To Tell If Online Poker Is A Scam

Be Safe Than Sorry: How To Tell If Online Poker Is A Scam

Winning in casinos is not easy as the principles of its particular games. It gets even harder to tell if the casino platforms you’re playing right now could potentially be a scam. Compared to playing your favorite poker in your traditional casino Malaysia, its virtual counterpart is more risky because of its anonymity. All you can see are hidden identities – avatars and aliases – where you barely have interactions with strangers. Who knows if you can trust any of these people hiding behind the screens, waiting to take your money and leave you cashless?

Gambling may be fun for the passionate ones, but it is definitely not fun to be left empty-handed with your hard earned money to be swept off into nothingness. There are even cheaters to manipulate your poker online into thinking you are having bad luck in gambling when there are the bad guys tweaking the game.

Here are ways to tell if the platforms are all scams and frauds:


If you can catch something off with the game you play with other players, you may find your way out of the scam. casino slot online malaysia may be sitting in the same room or on the same boat, sharing card information or discussing hands to gain the advantage and increase illicit chance of winning on their side than you will ever be. Acknowledging what is in their cards in each other’s hands may be outnumbering you and easier for them to win, therefore sending a report to the site security can get the job done.


Ghosting is a method where a player hands over his account to another player who is skilled and experienced to play for him for more wins, especially during the climax or critical stages of the game, just to get a piece of the profit in an easier way. Even online, it is not impossible for scammers to do ghosting despite the one player per hand policy. If you read the game attentively and find your opponent’s tactics seem unusual than normal, that is a red flag which signals you to leave for your sake.

Online ghosting may not be cheating, but it is unethical and should not have its mark on poker.


No matter how much effort the top online casino Malaysia authorities have implemented to get rid of bots on their platforms, the unseen creatures will always come back to ruin everything in your game. Bots are computer softwares designed to compete with human players in certain games with its premeditated calculations and artificial intelligence. Unlike mortal players, online poker bots do not experience fatigue (well, they are built as robots). They can play these games all day every day and rarely undergo any downswings or breakdowns, which makes them all the more dangerous.

As a player, you should not be too complacent with the online casino platform as cheaters and scammers alike have their own ingenious ways to get the money.

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