Burqa and Hijab How They Differ

A lot of people are confused between a burqa and a hijab. They think that both are just the same but that is not the case. Yes, these two are different garments though both are used similarly at some point and might even be used by the same group of people at that.

So, what is a burqa?

Compared to a hijab, this is longer and can cover more skin. Yes, and in fact, this clothing can cover the entire body from head to toe like the only part left are the eyes. Well, there are also times Hermanas Malaysia when even the eyes are covered for that matter but with thinner clothing so that the wearer can still see.

Like the hijab, this is also used by the Muslim women to protect themselves from the prying eyes of the opposite sex. You can say that just like the hijab, there are also countries where a burqa is not imposed and those who are wearing is decided on their own.

What is hijab?

Hijab is actually more popular and in fact, this name is already widespread in the market. It is even called a headscarf at times which is just a common term. This only means that it is already known worldwide. Their difference is the fact that a hijab is smaller. Yes, it can only cover the head and the chest which is not the case with burqa as what is explained above. However, they have a lot of similarities as well, especially the users and the reasons.

So there! If you have been confused about this two before, I am pretty sure you are enlightened right now. But you should know though that there are other garments with the same uses with that of hijab and burqa. If you want to know about them, you should check the net.

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