Essentials For A New Born Baby

Are you going to have a baby in a few months? Do you know what are the essentials that you need to have for your baby? If you have not done any research regarding the things you will need, it is okay because we will be listing down the essentials for your baby that you can consider to buy. There are various brands and types of baby essentials that you can buy with various price ranges.

These are the essential things that your baby will need which at the same time will ease your daily routine with your new born baby.

essentials for newborn baby Malaysia

Feeding essentials

·       Bibs to make sure the milk won’t leave stain on your baby’s cloth.

·       Bottle or milk storage container for formula milk or pumped breast milk.

·       Nursing pillow for nursing mom for better body posture.

·       Nursing bras if you are breastfeeding your baby.

·       Nipple cream for mommy if you are experiencing sore nipples.

·       Bottle brush to clean the bottle thoroughly.

·       Breast pump.

Those are the things that you will need to feed your baby, either at home or outside. It is very important for you to know your baby and make sure you are feeding them right to avoid bloating.

Bathing essentials

·       Baby bath tub.

·       Baby shower gel and shampoo (make sure to get the ones without harsh ingredients).

·       Hooded towel (usually for newborn).

·       Soft towels to make sure you can dry your baby gently.

Bathing your baby is not that hard but you have to make sure you have the right shower gel so it will not irritate your baby’s skin. You also have to use lukewarm water to bathe your newborn baby and make sure to rub some ointment on their belly and feet to avoid bloating.

Diapering essentials

There are two types of diapers that you can find in stores; reusable diapers and disposable diapers.

Reusable diapers

·       Few pieces of reusable diaper.

·       Waterproof covers (depends on how much you want)

·       Safety pins, snaps or Velcro to secure the diaper

Disposable diaper

·       Newborn sized diapers (don’t buy too much because your baby will grow up faster during this time)

·       Wet wipes

For diapering, you will also need:

·       Changing pad.

·       Baby ointment or cream to prevent diaper rash.

·       Wet disposable wipes or washcloths to clean the bottom.

There are different types and brands of baby diapers that you can easily get in baby store.

Health essentials

·       Nail clipper or filer.

·       Hair brush.

·       First aid kit.

·       Pacifiers (optional)

·       Thermometer for fevers.

·       Petroleum jelly.

·       Baby lotion and oil.

·       Nasal aspirator in case your baby has nasal congestion.

There are a lot of health essentials for new born babies in Malaysia that you can find whether in store or on online stores. You can also get everything in a set if you don’t want to bother searching one by one.

Gear essentials

·       Baby stroller if you love going for a walk.

·       Car seat for the safety of your baby in the car.

·       Baby carrier so you can do several things while holding your baby.

·       Playpen or play mat.

Baby gear essentials are not necessary if you have any other alternatives but if you have any of these, it will at least make your day as a mother easier. 

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