Natural Remedies For A Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

The liver, a reddish-brown tiny little organ in the body that is responsible for keeping us alive, tends to face a little or two hiccups as a result of our actions. The most common of the hiccups tend to be fatty livers. The prevalence of fatty liver diseases has been growing across the globe over the past few years. These fatty liver diseases can be caused by both alcoholic and nonalcoholic causes.

Nonalcoholic liver disease can be either a simple fatty liver or it can be much more serious than a simple fatty liver, such as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). This is the inflammation of your liver that can contribute to the development of diseases such as cirrhosis and fibrosis. 

And ofcourse, most fatty liver diseases are caused by heavy drinking and overconsumption of alcohol for a prolonged period of time. This overconsumption can cause the build of fat cells in the liver, inevitably making your liver a fatty liver.  Alcohol-induced fatty liver can cause serious cases of cirrhosis, alcohol-induced hepatitis, and even an enlarged liver. Usually, these are interrelated signs of liver failure, beginning with fatty liver, to hepatitis, and finally cirrhosis. 

Over the years, medicine for fatty liver Malaysia has become incredibly advanced and effective in the treatment of fatty liver diseases. However, there are some natural remedies that can progress the treatment as we ingest our medicines and supplements. Let’s discuss some of these home remedies that are perfectly safe for our liver! 


Exercising has a large health benefits for our body and especially for our liver. We might not  be involving the liver for our pushups but the pushups, crunches and ab exercises all have an impact on the health of the liver. Exercising every week for a total of 150 minutes can lead to amazing results for our liver. The diseases associated with non alcoholic fatty liver diseases such as type two diabetes and obesity gets alleviated as a result of the incorporation of exercise. 

Drinking Coffee And More

Coffee has been associated with reducing liver damage over the years. As surprising as this is to many, drinking coffee is associated with the production of liver enzymes that help and fight inflammation. But remember, the coffee must be free of sugar and other irritants to the liver. Additional sugar and fat does not help improve the condition of the liver but only can possibly damage it. 

Cutting Out Sugar From Our Lives 

When we eat sugar we’re only contributing to the build of more fat in the non alcoholic fatty liver. So the best thing to do is cut out the processed food that is loaded with hundreds of grams of sugar, and switch to a more organic diet with much less sugar. If you extremely love sugar content in your life, then you can splurge a little on sweeteners that are free of sugar and fat to balance the sweet tooth with the sugar free life. 

With all of these in mind, it is important to cut out the known irritants of the liver such as alcohol and drugs, in order to help the condition of the fatty liver. Supplements and medicine can help, but treating our liver also involves major changes in our life. 

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