The Cloud Of Shame Around Male Sex Toys

It is 2021, and unfortunately, we are far from truly accepting men using sex toys. Women who find themselves enjoying colourful toys, from hand-less love toys to anal plugs even find themselves pressed up with the idea of men using sex toys. 

Health and wellness brand sex toys for women as a front for self-pleasure, while for men, it is a different story. Male sex toys carry a certain cloud of shame, the same shame and taboo it carried for centuries. They describe men who use dildos as “perverted” while a woman with a dildo as “empowered”. The two different narratives in the conversation do create concern. Why is the male use of sex toys still so taboo? 

First of all, the problem lies in the image. Not long ago women buying a vibrator was heavily stigmatized too. But that was until the western media changed the image of women using sex toys with the help of strong groundbreaking, characters in the media such as Samantha from Sex and the city or other empowered women who made buying sex toys look cute and girly on various shows.

The western media narrative played a huge role in beautifying and normalizing the image of women going into erotic shops. Simultaneously, the men who go into these shops are considered creeps and a lot of other things.

This negative image of men and sex toys not only decreased the number of men who would like to buy one, but it also stopped the conversation of men who already use it. The men who own sex toys would rather keep quiet about it than talk about it. The hindrance in communication has limited a lot of topics such as sex toy hygiene and benefits for men. 

Sex toys for men are also considered perverted as a result of the very disturbing rise of sex dolls in the industry. There are certain controversies about sex dolls. Some believe that men should be able to own a sex doll with no shame and it is no different from women or a man owning a dildo.

On the other hand, the world says that sex dolls objectify women and dehumanizes them. It only relays the opposite of the purpose of sex toys. Pleasure and empowerment.

Sex dolls are incredibly graphic compared to other sex toys. And there is even more growing concern over sex dolls that look like little children. Unfortunately the main demographic of these dolls are men. And the point of blame is men. 

The negative stereotypes and unacceptable forms of sex toys for men have only hindered their experience with sex toys. The sex toys industry should put a clearer effort into revolutionizing acceptable forms of sex toys for men and empower them the same way we empower women.

Sexual desire and satisfaction should also be experienced by men with the help of Malaysia top sex toys such as cock rings, fleshlights, pleasure sleeves, suction masturbators, and prostate massagers. 

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