The Guide To Architectural Photography

Buildings are fascinating. The art, the teeny tiny pristine, and intricate details, the quality, and the history behind each building, all combine up to complete magnificence. 

Architects build their lives and careers with photography. So do interior designers. Whether you are from a company arkitek Malaysia or you are in real estate, you need photography. You cant sell to people when you cant appeal to them with pictures. Content is everything in this generation. And the king of the content of it all is high-quality images and videos. Sure, words mean a lot. But when combined with a well-photographed picture you are looking at increased lead generation, higher web traffic, and increased sales. The community building and customer lifetime value you build through content is also no coincidence. 

So now that I have mentioned all the reasons why you need good architectural photography, let’s get into how you can actually take good photographs of buildings.

  1. Focus On The Lens, Not The Gear

It does not have to be the best or the most expensiveve camera. Certainly not.

A good camera is the one that accommodates the lens you need for the task of taking good pictures of the building. Sometimes you might need a prime lens, while in other cases you might need a zoom lens. There are so many interesting details of the building that photographs need to cover.  

Your gear could be anything for building phorograhy. Your iPhone camera hosts a good lens too and it might do wonders at taking high-quality videos and images of the building you designed. 

If you’re a beginner to this sort of photography, you can start learning from your smartphone and even build up to a DSLR and pairing it with a good lens. 

  1. Invest In A Tripod

Tripods are used to keep your camera still as you capture the details. To create pictures that are perfectly detailed, you will need a tripod. Giving your arms rest from trying to build height into the picture, is just another bonus point. Taking long exposure shots on cameras is crucial to architectural photography as well. Again, for this, you need extreme stability that only a tripod can offer you. 

  1. Watch out for Lines and Symmetry

Architectural photographers often lookout for symmetrical angles and photograph pictures that go straight along the line. They are careful of what they capture and the angle they present. Symmetrical pictures give you the illusion of reflection which is always a very cool look for buildings. 

But don’t be scared of thinking outside the box, and breaking away from the concept of symmetry.  Experiments are your best friends and your biggest mentor. 

  1. Tell The Story

Part of telling the story of a building is doing research. A lot of research. Every building has its own story. The story will help you understand the essence, the feel, and mood of the building. When you photograph, the photograph should be a reflection of the story you want to tell people. A good photographer knows how to communicate without having to use the power of words. Of course, the message behind each photograph is left to people’s own interpretation but the story shall be told. So make sure you do your research, explore the details of the building, understand the architect, and the importance and impact of the building on society. 

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