Understanding Navigation impacts in SEO

A good web design Malaysia equals to the best assets of your business apart from social media account such as Facebook that could run the business. A good website should also not cross the boundaries to avoid problem in the search engine optimization (SEO). The main rule is to keep your website’s navigation simple. This is one of the best practice in SEO Malaysia. This practice helps the website to fully utilize the top-tier pages that available in your navigation section.

With a clear understanding of your website’s navigation, it reduces the clutter in the website and gives off a tidy outlook. It also allows the site visitors to have a clear understanding on the message that the business is trying to deliver. In order to avoid messing up in search engine optimization (SEO), your website should maintain a “clean and clear” navigation of your website. The pages in your website such as About us page, landing page, contact us page, connected page has to be limited to avoid problems in SEO.

Page accessibility should not be overlook as well. Constantly improve your page accessibility just to make sure your website is always ready at anytime and anywhere.

Next, reduce as much as possible of your subpages. When you have more “extra” pages in your website, it will cause your website to be buried in SEO.

All of the content that involved in the “extra” pages will destroy the structure in the SEO as it is because of the extra pages are creating “filler” and is affecting the entire website’s value and main focuses.

By removing all of these extra pages, your website will be easier to be found by people and also you will have the authority in niche practices.

When your page accessibility does not function properly, it will affect the bounce rates. By having this problem in your website, you will have missed out a lot of customer. So make sure your page is able to be access even though the traffic of your website is high at a specific time.

To summarize, avoid your website of getting “left out”, you need to make sure that your navigation bar in your website is the “parents” of your entire website, controlling the connection between the main page and subpages.

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William Troost Ekong