What consideration do you need to take before buying a house?

The most important thing in buying a house is first and foremost the location. We all know that once a commodity is sold, it itself is constantly depreciating in value, but we will find a strange phenomenon, but the property, whether old or new, is constantly appreciating in value, this is why? In fact, the essential reason is that because the price of land is constantly rising, the part of the price appreciation is actually the premium value of the land. Therefore, the core of property value is the location. The more quality the lot, the more quality the asset, the stronger the ability to resist risk in the future, so it is also recommended that you try to choose a house like Mutiara Damansara with a good lot.


The convenience of transportation is also crucial in this area of travel. The convenience of getting to and from work, the distance from the office, the underground entrance, the bus station, the distance from the high-speed railway station and the airport, etc., will determine the convenience of your future life, which is an important reference for the convenience of life. And generally speaking, the location of the community is generally good in places with convenient transportation. 


The focus here is on hospitals, easy access to doctors and medical check-ups, after all, health is important. The vicinity of good tertiary hospitals are in short supply in the future. Especially with the future surge in the ageing population, demand for this area will continue to grow. In particular, wealthy people with the means to reach a certain age will give priority to quality properties near hospitals for their own health and convenience. With higher purchasing power and also a need for healthy survival, the premium value of this asset will also be higher.


After selecting a location, the next step is to select the building. As a result, roadside areas are noisy and dusty, and air quality is poor. In urban areas, especially in some large cities, air quality is poor, the population flows frequently, and urban noise pollution is significant. Most of the houses in the city are high-rise towers or a combination of slabs and towers. The district has a high density of buildings, a high density of population, and few green spaces. The suburban air is fresh, greenery is plentiful, traffic is light, and it is relatively quiet. The suburbs are characterized by low-rise slab houses with low community density, wide spaces between buildings, lots of sunlight, good ventilation, and good living conditions.

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